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Dana Brownell, MD

Hair Restoration Specialist located in Westport, CT

Hair loss is a frustrating and upsetting problem for many men and women in America — and many don’t realize that they can actually do something about it. At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, the first hair restoration center in the Northeast, Dana Brownell, MD, leads the region’s most experienced experts in offering the best in hair loss solutions. Call the Westport, Connecticut, office today!

Hair Restoration Q & A

When should I consider hair restoration?

If you’re not happy with the thickness or fullness of your hair, it might be time to think about hair restoration treatments. Some of the changes that you might notice include:

  • Increasingly patchy hair growth
  • Bald spots
  • More scalp showing
  • Widening part
  • More hair shedding when you shampoo
  • More hair in your hairbrush
  • Thinner ponytail
  • Stringy looking hair

Acting fast as soon as you notice any of these issues can help you keep the hair you have while replacing or regenerating the follicles that aren’t producing hair any longer. 

How does hair restoration work?

At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, a cutting-edge method of individual follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure can replace your lost hair and greatly improve overall density. 

In this procedure, a special suction device removes follicular units from a hidden area in the back of your scalp. These hairs are by far the strongest and most durable hairs on the human scalp, which is why balding almost never starts from the back of the head. 

Next, the hairs go directly into the part of your scalp where you have the most pronounced hair thinning. 

The NeoGraft® method of FUE is very different from follicular unit transplant (FUT) or “strip” transplants. With FUT, a specialist surgically removes a strip of scalp tissue and then stitches it into place where you need new hair. That can lead to considerable pain, bleeding, and scarring.

With the NeoGraft hair transplantation method, you don’t have any sutures or scarring. Because NeoGraft is a “touchless” procedure, there’s no risk of damage to your hair follicles during transfer and reimplantation.

What kind of results can I expect from hair restoration?

After your NeoGraft transplant, you instantly see fuller hair. In the coming weeks, those new hairs fall out as part of the normal hair renewal cycle. Within three or four months, your newly transplanted follicles produce new, strong, and healthy hair. 

Can I get hair restoration in places other than my scalp?

While losing hair on your head is definitely distressing, losing facial hair (for men) or eyebrow hair (for either sex) can be equally upsetting. Fortunately, NeoGraft Hair Restoration offers NeoGraft transplants for those areas as well. 

If you’re stressed about thinning hair, NeoGraft Hair Restoration can help with hair loss for women, hair loss for men, facial hair loss, and thinning brows. Reach out to the office or call today.