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More than half of all women eventually suffer notable hair loss. At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, compassionate women’s hair loss specialist Dana Brownell, MD, heads up the region’s most qualified hair restoration professionals that help women reclaim their lost hair. With both hair transplants and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration available, you can choose the best way to restore your hair and confidence. Call the Westport, Connecticut, office to schedule an appointment today.

Hair Loss For Women Q & A

When should women seek treatment for hair loss?

There are several signs, both subtle and more obvious, that can tell you if you’re losing your hair. If you see the following issues, book an appointment at NeoGraft Hair Restoration to find out more about your treatment options:

  • Fuller hairbrush
  • Sink or shower drain fills with hair faster
  • More hair strands on your pillow
  • You can see your scalp more easily
  • Widening part
  • Hair looks flatter
  • Hair is harder to style
  • Your ponytail feels thinner

Just as with hair loss in men, women experience hair loss slowly over time in most cases. If you think you’re losing hair but also think your mind could be playing tricks on you, look at old photos. 

Compare a photo taken this year to one taken last year, the year before, and the year before that. Can you notice any progression in hair loss from the pictures? If so, it’s time to see professionals for hair regrowth help.

What hair loss for women treatments might I receive?

From medication to surgery, there is a wide range of hair loss options available today. NeoGraft Hair Restoration uses only the most effective and proven minimally invasive hair restoration treatments for women, including: 


NeoGraft is a touchless hair transplant technique for harvesting and relocating individual hair follicles from a healthy area to a thinning area. That may be a good option if you have significant hair thinning. Through this no-incision, no-scar, and no-suture technique, you can get fuller hair permanently. You only need one or two sessions to get excellent results. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Some women have mild thinning but not significant enough to require a NeoGraft transplant. In that case, PRP therapy can help. Powerful growth factors in your blood can trigger regrowth very effectively when injected into thinning areas. 

If you have thinning eyebrows, you can also opt for eyebrow restoration

When do I see results from hair loss for women procedures?

The results timeline depends on the treatment you get and on your body’s response. For PRP treatments, most women have a 19.7% hair thickness increase in the treated areas within three months. You notice steady improvement after that, with most women having a 38% improvement in hair thickness.

NeoGraft hair transplants give you immediate results because you’re moving hair from one area to another. Although the transplanted hairs fall out during the normal hair shedding cycle, they come back within three or four months. By six to eight months post-treatment, you have much thicker hair.

It’s natural to feel embarrassed and demoralized when your hair starts thinning. But, you can turn it around and feel proud of your hair again. Call NeoGraft Hair Restoration to learn more.