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By 35, more than 66% of men have noticeable hair loss, and by 50, nearly 85% have dramatically thinning hair. If you notice that your hair’s thinning, don’t delay in seeing a hair loss for men specialist. At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, the first hair restoration center in the Northeast, men’s hair loss specialist Dana Brownell, MD, and the region’s most skilled hair loss experts offer effective hair regrowth solutions for men. Call the Westport, Connecticut, office now to book your consultation.

Hair Loss for Men Q & A

When should men seek help for hair loss?

If you notice any of the following issues, it’s time to visit NeoGraft Hair Restoration to learn about your options:

  • More hair in your brush
  • More hair in the sink or shower drain
  • More hair on your pillow
  • Your scalp is easier to see
  • Widening part
  • Receding hairline

Sometimes, it can be hard to really assess hair loss because it tends to happen quite gradually. One way to know for sure is to look at photos taken recently and compare them to those taken two, three, or five years ago or more. If you see steady thinning in photos, it’s proof positive that it’s time to seek help for hair loss. 

What is the best hair loss for men treatment? 

There is a wide range of hair loss treatments for men, but NeoGraft Hair Restoration offers only the best and most proven treatments for hair restoration. These include:


NeoGraft is a hair transplant technique involving hair follicle harvesting and relocation using your healthy donor hair. This unique suction-based individual hair follicle harvesting method gives you very natural results without any incisions, stitches, or scars. Most men need only one or two sessions.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

If you have thinning hair, but don’t need a NeoGraft transplant yet, PRP treatments are an excellent option. PRP treatments involve injecting concentrated platelets from your blood into your thinning areas. These platelets contain growth factors that stimulate hair regrowth. 

Ultimately, the best treatment for your hair loss depends on individual factors. NeoGraft Hair Restoration is happy to educate you about all the options so you can make the right choice.

How long until I see results from hair loss for men treatments?

With the first three months of PRP treatments, most men enjoy a 19.7% improvement in hair density within the treated areas. After completing treatment, most men get further improvement, with an average increase of 38%. This natural regrowth lasts for longer than a year. 

With a NeoGraft hair transplant, you see an instant improvement. Those transplanted hairs shed as part of the normal hair regrowth cycle. But, the hair starts to grow back within three or four months, and within six to eight months, you have significant regrowth.

If you have thinning facial hair or thinning eyebrows, NeoGraft Hair Restoration offers facial hair transplant and eyebrow restoration using the same proven methods. 

Learn more about the “gold standard” hair loss treatments for men by calling NeoGraft Hair Restoration now.