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Millions of men feel dissatisfied with the thickness and evenness of their facial hair. If you have patchy growth, thinning facial hair, or can’t grow the beard you want, a facial hair transplant at NeoGraft Hair Restoration could be the solution. Facial hair transplant specialist Dana Brownell, MD, can expertly create the appearance you want with permanent results. Call the Westport, Connecticut, office to schedule an appointment today.

Facial Hair Transplant Q & A

What are the signs that you need a facial hair transplant?

Many men feel frustrated with hair loss on their head, but those who maintain a beard or mustache know that facial hair loss can look and feel just as bad. As with hair loss on your head, facial hair loss can be quite gradual. Over time, you might experience symptoms, such as:

  • Small bald patches
  • Overall reduction in facial hair density
  • Shedding hair as you wash it
  • Shedding hair as you comb or groom it
  • Reduced need to shave  

In some cases, facial hair may decrease at the same rate as the hair on your head, but in certain situations, you may maintain a lush head of hair but a sparse beard or mustache. Regardless of how hair loss affects you, NeoGraft Hair Restoration can help.

What can I expect with a facial hair transplant?

NeoGraft Hair Restoration uses the “gold standard” for facial hair transplant, the NeoGraft® system of follicular unit extraction (FUE). This suction-based system removes individual hair follicles from the donor area, then implants them in the part of your face where you lack adequate hair. 

The donor hair follicles come from the back and sides of your scalp, the areas where the strongest and thickest hair typically grows. You receive a local anesthetic for this procedure, and there’s minimal discomfort. 

After the facial hair transplant, you can resume your usual routine right away. That is a sharp contrast to the other main method of facial hair transplant, a follicular unit transplant (FUT). 

A FUT procedure removes an entire strip of scalp tissue to extract its follicles, which leaves a linear scalp scar behind. Additionally, FUT is a far more painful procedure and would require downtime.

When can I expect to see results after my facial hair transplant? 

One of the big benefits of a facial hair transplant with NeoGraft is that you can see the results immediately. The new hair follicles fall out sometime in the weeks following your NeoGraft transplant, but this is a normal part of the process. 

The hair starts growing back within three or four months, and by six to eight months post-procedure, you typically have a significantly fuller beard or mustache. With NeoGraft, your new hair growth is permanent.

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