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If you lived through the 90s, you remember razor-thin eyebrows were the height of style — but unfortunately, brows don’t always recover from that aggressive plucking. At NeoGraft Hair Restoration in Westport, Connecticut, you can get your old brows back with an innovative eyebrow restoration method. Dana Brownell, MD, is an eyebrow restoration expert who uses a touchless method of hair transplantation to give you amazing full brows instantly. The NeoGraft® method is 95-98% effective, so why wait? Call the office or click the provided link now.

Eyebrow Restoration Q & A

What is eyebrow restoration?

Eyebrow restoration is a method of filling in overplucked or sparse brows using your hair. At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, an innovative procedure called NeoGraft removes hair from one area to relocate it to your eyebrows. NeoGraft requires no scalpels or stitches, and there's no scarring either. 

This permanent procedure can restore your facial symmetry, improve your confidence, and save you countless hours with eyebrow pencils in the future. NeoGraft is an outpatient procedure, and you can go back to work the next morning. 

What is the eyebrow restoration process?

At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, you have the opportunity to create a "brow blueprint" before treatment. That means that you bring in photos of your brows before thinning, as well as images of brows that you'd like to emulate. With this preplanning, you can get the beautiful and full brows you want in the way that frames your face the best. 

NeoGraft eyebrow restoration is a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure involving the removal of individual hair follicles from the back part of your scalp. That is the portion of the scalp with a high density of thicker hairs that are similar to those that grow naturally in your eyebrows. These follicles go directly into the eyebrow area, where you have sparse or missing hair.  

NeoGraft Hair Restoration has the area's leading experts in eyebrow restoration. They have the unique training needed to correctly angle your transplants and shape your brows for optimal results. 

When do I see results from my eyebrow restoration procedure?

You instantly see fuller, thicker, and more youthful eyebrows. Over the next few weeks, you lose those new hairs. That is a normal part of the process, and within several months, those transplanted follicles start growing hair again. 

To maintain your brows, you need to trim them occasionally. But, remember that plucking is what led to your sparse hair in the first place — so avoid it as much as possible.

If your eyebrow hair is thinning, patchy, or even nonexistent, eyebrow restoration at NeoGraft Hair Restoration could give you the full and youthful brows you want. Call the office to set up your consultation now.