Where Store-Bought Hair Restoration Falls Short

Hair Restoration

When it comes to hair restoration, you have many options. In fact, you may even feel as though there are too many choices — and most of them are accompanied by slick marketing that make them seem like the absolute best choice. That’s one important benefit of working with a highly trained medical professional. 

Dr. Dana Brownell and her team at NeoGraft Hair Restoration know it can be daunting just to wade through the claims in order to understand the options available to you. We invite you to schedule a consultation so we can answer your questions about hair restoration, whether you’re thinking about using an over-the-counter solution or one of the services we offer.  

In this post, we describe some of the drawbacks of choosing a store-bought hair growth product and we begin with explaining the importance of professional guidance. 

Hair loss may be a medical problem

In most cases, hair loss is genetic. But sometimes, it has an underlying medical cause. For example, thyroid problems can lead to hair loss. Thinning or lost hair may also be the side effect of a medication you take. 

When you come to our office for hair restoration, one of the first steps is determining why you’re losing your hair. You may also have questions that the packaging of your over-the-counter product doesn’t address. It’s helpful to be able to ask an expert about your situation! 

What about side effects? 

Even a simple needle stick carries some risk, so very few procedures, whether cosmetic or medically necessary, are completely risk-free. The same is true of just about any medication or supplement you may take. 

Some over-the-counter hair loss products have significant potential side effects. For example, Rogaine, the most commonly used product containing minoxidil, can cause side effects such as scaly scalp or skin irritation. 

The laser conundrum

Maybe you don’t want to take a medication and you’re considering a device such as a laser comb. There are a few drawbacks. Such devices are relatively expensive, not thoroughly studied, and appear to work best when combined with medication such as minoxidil or finasteride. 

With a laser device, you run the risk of spending a significant amount of money, still needing a medication, and perhaps not getting the results you want. 

Hair restoration

The difference between over-the-counter products and professional hair restoration services are many. It’s not that we think all over-the-counter approaches are wrong, and Dr. Brownell sometimes may suggest a combination of hair restoration and a medication to reach optimal success.

However, we do believe that professional guidance is the most reliable way to restore your hair. With NeoGraft hair restoration, you can expect to see your results immediately, and our rate of success is very high. Dr. Brownell keeps your goals in mind when she suggests a course of treatment. 

If you’d like to learn more about what to expect from our hair restoration services as compared to a store-bought product or alternative method, please schedule an appointment for a consultation at our office in Westport, Connecticut. We’re happy to answer your questions and discuss your situation. 

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