How Long Until I See Results From My Eyebrow Restoration Procedure?

How Long Until I See Results From My Eyebrow Restoration Procedure?

Talk to any beauty professional, watch a few YouTube makeup tutorials, or read a few fashion magazines, and you’ll quickly learn that your brows frame your face. They’re a crucial part of your expressiveness. 

If your brows are barely there, you have a few options, but Dr. Dana Brownell and her dedicated staff at NeoGraft Hair Restoration offer permanent, natural-looking eyebrow restoration, and our patients who’ve had it done are almost always very glad they did. 

Where did the hair go? 

Did you once have full brows? Perhaps you used to pluck or wax, but you spend more time penciling than plucking these days. You may be wondering what happened to cause your thinning eyebrows

Several things can lead to thinning brows. If, for example, you spent years plucking your brows down to a very thin line, you may have damaged your follicles. Hormonal changes can also cause you to lose eyebrow hair, so pregnancy or menopause could be the reason your brows aren’t as thick as they once were. 

Some medical conditions, such as a thyroid disorder or eczema, can cause you to lose eyebrow hair. An eating disorder can bring about nutritional deficiencies that can cause you to lose hair. 

One other cause that’s quite common is genetics. Your genetic code could include thinning brows as you age. 

How does eyebrow restoration work? 

At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, we use the same technique to restore your brows as we do to restore hair growth anywhere. We use the NeoGraft® method of follicular unit extraction, which protects your hair follicles as they’re moved from one location to another. 

When you come in for eyebrow restoration, we begin by talking to you about the look you’d like, and we encourage you to bring in photos of your own brows when they were fuller as well as images of brows that are appealing to you. This helps Dr. Brownell understand your goals exactly. 

Once we know just what you want, Dr. Brownell removes individual hair follicles from the back of your scalp where they won’t be missed and places them exactly where they need to be to give you perfect brows. You can see immediately after the procedure what your final results will look like. 

Permanent results within a few months 

In the days after your procedure, you’ll notice scabs forming along your new brows. That’s normal, and the scabs fall off within a few days. 

Then the hair that was transplanted falls out. Again, this is normal. It’s a shock to the follicle to be transplanted, and the response to that shock is to shed the hair. 

But don’t worry! Within three months, the hair will grow back, and you can enjoy having brows that frame your face to its best advantage.

If you’d like to learn more about eyebrow restoration and when you can see the amazing results, schedule an appointment at NeoGraft Hair Restoration in Westport, Connecticut, today. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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