Finding A Hair Restoration Doctor That’s Right For You

Before you choose a physician for hair loss treatment, or for any other purpose, here are the basic things you should want to know about:

You should ask the physician about his/her training and experience. You can determine the manner in which the physician practices by visiting the physician’s office and clinic. You can find out if you feel comfortable with the physician by meeting the physician in an initial consultation. It is in your own best interest to learn as much as you can before making a final decision on choosing a physician.

While no amount of information can assure you of a satisfactory outcome of treatment, the best outcome is likely to result from a good patient/physician relationship founded upon (1) trust in the physician based on your knowledge of the physician’s training, experience and competence, and (2) a compatible relationship with the physician.

The ISHRS Find a Doctor site provides you with a list of physicians who have met requirements for ISHRS membership. The ISHRS does not imply or guarantee that a physician selected from this list will be compatible with you and will provide treatment that meets your expectations. You should do the research and ask the questions suggested below to find a physician with whom you feel comfortable and who is likely to meet your expectations.

The Physician’s Training and Credentials

Questions about the physician’s training include:

The Physician’s Experience

If you are considering surgical hair restoration (hair transplantation, scalp reduction, flap grafting) you should want to know:

You should view several before and after photos to assure you like the aesthetic quality of the physician’s work. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what can be accomplished for your unique situation.

The Manner in Which the Physician Practices

You will want to know something about the environment in which the physician practices:

The Comfort Level You Feel With the Physician

A patient’s trust in a physician is often as much a matter of “comfort level” as it is knowledge of training and experience:

Courtesy of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

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