Can Hair Restoration Give Me a Thicker Ponytail?

Can Hair Restoration Give Me a Thicker Ponytail?

Your hair is likely a vital part of your self-perception, and your self-perception affects all of your interactions. Whether you’re considering applying for a new job, going on a date, or joining a new sports league, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the better your chances of success. 

Dr. Dana Brownell and the rest of the highly trained staff at NeoGraft Hair Restoration have helped hundreds of women feel more self-assured and comfortable with how they look. We understand how important your hair can be to your confidence. 

If you avoid wearing a ponytail because you don’t like how thin it looks, you may want to consider hair restoration. In this post, we explain how hair restoration can help you have a thicker ponytail — and help you feel better about your appearance.

Who can benefit from hair restoration? 

Many people automatically think of men when they think about hair transplants. In fact, women also have problems with thinning hair that hair restoration can correct. When women lose their hair, it most often happens as a slow, overall thinning of your hair, or you may notice your part seems to be getting wider. 

Anyone who is losing their hair is potentially a good candidate for hair restoration, regardless of gender. If you’ve noticed your hair seems thinner, come in for a consultation.

Reasons you may be losing hair

There are many reasons you may need to wrap the elastic band around your ponytail more now than you once did. Often, just as with men, women lose their hair due to genetics. There’s not much you can do about your DNA, but that doesn’t mean you just have to live with thinning hair! 

Along with genetics, women often struggle with hormonal changes that lead to hair loss. Menopause can affect your hair, and for some women that includes your eyebrows

How hair restoration works to give you thicker hair

Modern technology has dramatically changed how hair transplants are performed. At NeoGraft Hair Restoration, we use cutting edge technology so you don’t need to worry about scalpels, stitches, scars, or a long recovery time. Instead, what you get is thicker, natural-looking hair in as few as one or two sessions. 

We use local anesthesia and remove individual hair follicles from anywhere on your body. We then carefully implant the follicles to fill in the areas of your scalp where you want more hair so your hair overall looks thicker and fuller. 

The automated NeoGraft system for removing and implanting the follicles is precise, which means fewer of them are damaged during the process. There’s no need to remove a strip of your skin as was done in the past, so your results are beautifully scar-free and natural-looking.

If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for hair restoration so you can enjoy a thicker ponytail and feel better about how you look, schedule an appointment at NeoGraft Hair Restoration. Call the Westport, Connecticut, office or book your request through this website.

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